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I’m a freelance writer, editor, and narrative designer based just outside Vancouver, Canada. I’m also the author of Heart of the House, an interactive novel published by Choice of Games.

For a decade now, I’ve worked online publishing, handling writing, editing, assignments, social media, research, video production, interviews, streaming, crowdfunding and more. I’ve served as website editor for mental health non-profit Take This and for retail industry publications like Tactics Magazine. I produce technical documentation and educational material for Rezgo, a leading booking platform in the travel industry. I’ve been published at outlets including¬†VentureBeat and TouchArcade and edited work for publication with partners like Geek & Sundry.

As a writer, I speak to my audience – whoever they might be. Whether they’re interested in video games, mental health, travel and tours, retail and shopping centers, technology or fiction, I find ways to reach them. It’s not about niches. It’s finding a passion for the subject. It’s caring deeply about the people for whom that subject matters.

Want to work together? Find me on Twitter @nissacam or catch me by email at

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